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The Coaches

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Tanner Bexson

Tanner has been climbing for 9 years and coaching for 5. He loves the combination of problem-solving, limit-pushing and strength development the sport uniquely offers and loves helping kids realize their own potential through it. A certified CGI instructor, he also teaches middle school math and science in French immersion.

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Brian Kim

Brian has been climbing for 9 years and has been coaching for 7. He is a graduate of a social studies and education double major, certified in TRCI and is a competitive climber himself. He is also passionate about outdoor education and pushing limits both outdoors and indoors.

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Charlotte Kim

Charlotte has been climbing since high school and with a keen interest, she began to volunteer and teach climbing classes at a recreational centre in Calgary. She has instructed at the Ascent Climbing Centre for 4 years and continues to climb personally both indoors and outdoors.

LCC Kai.jpg
Kai Oguchi

Kai has been climbing for 6 years, spending 3 of those working with intro programs for youth climbers. While his current climbing motivation is outdoors, he has a passion for climbing movement anywhere he can find, leading him to become a junior route setter at Coulee. He is eager to share this passion with younger climbers and help them discover more about their own climbing. 

Ava Carter
Levi Harasem-Mitchell

After climbing for a few years as a kid, Levi returned to the sport just over 4 years ago. Since returning, he has been dedicated to improving and learning as much about the sport as possible. He is excited to coach so he can share everything that he has learned along the way.

Ava has been climbing for 10 years and climbed competitively with LCC for 5 of those. She is excited to now be a coach and to work with kids who have the same passion that she does. 

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