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How do Youth Categories Work?

For the 2023/2024 season the following applies for youth categories. 

Open -- Born 2004 or earlier
Junior -- Born 2005/2006
Youth A -- Born 2007/2008
Youth B -- Born 2009/2010
Youth C -- Born 2011/2012
Youth D -- Born 2013 or later

Note that CEC-sanctioned regional (western Canada) events do not accept youth D athletes and CEC-sanctioned national events no longer accept youth C or D athletes. 
The Alberta Climbing Association (ACA) is our provincial sports organization that runs all of our local and provincial competitions. It is necessary to purchase a membership with them to compete. Once purchased, athletes can...

Track their provincial standing

View live results of competitions at

View the complete ACA competition schedule, including CEC (national) events. 


Qualifying for Regionals/Nationals

The governing body for regional (western Canada) and national events is the CEC or, Climbing Escalade Canada. For youth climbing, the following rules are used to determine eligibility for regional and national events:

For each category and gender in Youth B, Youth A and Junior, a PTSO shall be able to send their top 5 ranked athletes directly to nationals. 

Athletes ranked 6th-15th will qualify for regionals and each region (western Canada in our case) shall be able to send their top 15 athletes from each category and gender. 

For Youth C athletes, a PTSO shall be able to send their top 15 ranked athletes from each gender directly to regionals. There are no nationals for Youth C. 

There are no regionals or nationals for Youth D. 

In some cases there is unused quota that may allow for more athletes to register for these competitions, but is never guaranteed. 

For full information and rules on this, please visit CEC's website at

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